Dreams -part I

In this journey of life we come across different people, but only few of them really touch us and carve their permanent impression in our memory. Just few days back I came across one such person Gargi her story inspired me to writing………
Gargi as I said is no celebrity or has achieved anything out of this world but is simple and straightforward girl who wanted a simple and happy life. This is story of  her dreams, her struggles, her hardwork, her dedication, her determination, her pain, her loneliness, successes and failures both.
What can I say about Gargi she was very intelligent, dedicated, simple, straight forward or outspoken, very harsh with words but very kind at heart. Few kind words could make her happy and few harsh words could make her upset or angry easily.
Gargi was the first child of her parents and was apple of their eye, as young child she was average in her looks and slightly overweight, good in studies but not good in sports or any physical activities she always struggled in such things. Her inability to take part in games made her distance away from other children she could not mix and  play with them and was made fun of because of her overweight. She did not mind this much she liked more of games which required less physical activity and more mentally challenging like cards or chess or other indoor games. She had her own different games like when she used to visit a beach she used to collect the sand and bring it home with her  and spread that at home to get a feel of chowpatty at home. Such were her different games which she used to play all alone.
This kind of staying alone slowly changed her into a shy or reserved person who did not speak up much and so did not have many friends. In school also she stayed alone away from other classmates she wanted to mix up with them be friendly with them but did not know what to talk and everybody mistook her for being a egoistic person who does not feel other people are equal to her and so does not talk. This nature was going to create lot many difficulties in Gargi’s life latter which she was completely unaware of at this time.
As a young child Gargi loved to play on swings, swings around her home were always  full of children waiting to play in queues Gargi was also waiting for her turn in queue but the other children playing before her brought their friends breaking the queue and Gargi kept on waiting for her turn for nearly two hours, people kept on asking her can we take some more time and she agreed because she did not know how to say “No” or fight for her rights. Slowly it grew dark and everybody left then finally Gargi got her chance after a long wait that too for only few minutes because it was time to leave. This incident taught her a very important lesson that you have to fight for what you want else you will only get what is left over after everybody has taken. Next day onwards she learnt demand when her turn came and fight with others if required………………

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