Dreams -Part 2

Each child wants to have sibling to play with, to share thoughts and experiences with and our Gargi was no exception to this. She always wanted to have little sister and not a brother because she felt that her sister will play with her and become her best friend. Finally god answered her prayers and she was blessed with little baby sister “Shuchi”. First time when Gargi saw Shuchi it was the happiest moment for Gargi, Shuchi looked at her with her wide open eyes uncommon for a new born baby. First day when Shuchi came home she starred everywhere, looking at the home as if she said to herself this is my home I am the owner of this house…..Little did anyone know at that time that she was going to be the owner in future and as far as Gargi was concerned she was more than happy in giving everything to her sister.
Gargi was very happy to have Shuchi if any of the neighbourhood kids came to see Shuchi, Gargi did not allow them saying she is my sister only I will play with her no one else she was kind of possessive about her little sister. Gargi had to leave for school early in the morning and Shuchi always insisted to come with her. Things had changed a little after Shuchi’s arrival Gargi was expected to behave in more mature way she had to listen to comments like you are the elder you need to show more understanding.
Gargi was intelligent in studies and always scored good rank, while Shuchi was a multitalented person she could paint beautiful pictures and won many competitions, she could write poems, stories and was very creative. Gargi lacked creativity even drawing a simple straight line or circle was difficult for her, forget about making paintings. She was more of technical person loved complex calculations and her favorite subject in school was mathematics which is not in case of most of students.She was good in studies and more technical work and loved helping Shuchi in her studies. Shuchi wanted to do all the things that Gargi did and always wanted to be like her. Gargi was very happy with the creative work that her sister did and wondered sometimes why can’t I do things like her.
Strong bond was developed between two of them and days were passing happily for Gargi and Shuchi together………..


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