Dreams Part-3

As a child Gargi had different fantacies she wanted to get her nose pierced and have a nose ring Everyone advised her not to do it as it could be painful and she was too young for that but Gargi was not willing to listen once she wants something she wants it that was her nature. So much against everyone’s wishes one fine day Gargi went to get her nose pierced.
She had no idea how painful that could be but once the piercing started Gargi could not bear the pain and started crying loudly yelling that “My nose has been cut ………………” and even tried to push away the person piercing. Finally the nose ring was inserted but Gargi was still saying the same thing “My nose has been cut ………………” and was not willing to accept that her nose is intact except for a minute hole for the ring. So finally she had check in the mirror and then she realized that her nose is intact. Still in some pain she silently went home and went to sleep that night experiencing slight pain. Next day when she woke up her nose felt fine and she was vey happy with her ring.
Once Gargi had got her nose pierced how could Shuchi stay back she also wanted to do the same thing but she was not allowed at that time. Few years later however Shuchi also went to get her nose pierced but she was different from Gargi she calmly got the thing done without slightest noise or crying. Such was the difference between Gargi and Shuchi still inspite of different natures both of them went well with each other.
Gargi was very fond of water activities and wanted to learn swimming. Looking at others she felt that swimming must be easy and can be learnt in a day or two. But the day she stepped into the pool she realized it was not as easy as she thought. First session of swimming got over for Gargi and she went home on the way she constantly felt as if she is walking in water. Next day when she got up her hands and legs started aching badly and Gargi felt like swimming is not my cup of tea. After two three daysthe pain vanished and desire to learn started again shaping up so gargi went back for swimming. Slowly the pain and feeling like constantly walking in water vanished but even after two months Gargi could not learn swimming.
Two months passed this way and Gargi’s summer vacation got over she had to leave swimming for time being. One year passed and the vacation came back again and Gargi again went for swimming this time more determined to learn. But looking at her progress nobody thought she will learn swimming, but Gargi was not the one to give up. She had made up her mind that I will learn swimming at any costs.
Finally the golden moment came when she realized that she could swim. Gargi was very happy and felt like she is at top of heaven. This incident taught her one lesson that if you persistently try nothing is impossible sooner or later you will achieve what you want..……….. to be continued

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