God is with you

Few years back I read a story somewhere in which writer was detected with cancer, was undergoing chemotherapy and was under extreme pain.Days after days lying on bed was feeling the death coming nearby, even walking from bed was becoming difficult for her.One night as she got up from the bed while walking in immense pain she felt as if she saw a light and God placed his hand on her head and said you will be alright. From that day onwards she started recovering and five years later she wrote the story for everyone to read. In the end she says that if God has kept me alive then there is some purpose, God is not done with me yet.

When I first read this story I liked it but it had not fully touched me. Then about year back I had an experience which changed me. I was about to travel to USA, fortunately after a long wait got my visa stamped and was very happy. I was going to get to work on the project which I always wanted to alongwith the opportunity to work at onsite. Everything was like dream come true.

Unfortunately the day I got my visa stamped I started falling sick, what seemed initially like ordinary cold and fever which should get cured in day or two continued for weeks. And the day before I was supposed to travel I came to know that this was serious infection which could even be fatal. I was advised a heavy medication and complete bed rest for months. My dream was shattered.

Day by day my condition turned worse, I could not eat anything lost 7 KGS weight in 15 days, had swelling on my legs and hands walking even a few feet had become painful. Due to immense pain could not sleep at night, lied at bed looking at ceiling thinking why me? Praying to God I cannot take this anymore please do something. After more than a month my condition started improving I could eat normal food, swellings reduced, could walk without pain.

Finally after two and half months of treatment Doctor said that I am now fit to resume my work, even though I still have to continue the treatment. Side effects and the pain had now vanished and I could follow my daily routine.

I resumed office back and was taken back on the same project which I had lost. Even though I did not feel fit enough to travel to USA but was happy working on the project which I always wanted to. Dream of travelling to US still remained somewhere in my mind.Months passed by and I was able to successfully complete my project with many appreciations.

And now a year later here I am in US since last three months and writing this story sharing my experience with you all.

After having this kind of experience when I again read the story I mentioned at beginning of this article, I felt that if God has given me a second chance to live so my purpose is not yet done. He is and will always be with me and will never leave me alone.


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