My first experiences

First experiences always have a different importance in life and nobody can forget them, even if it is small thing like preparing tea. I am no exception and below I would like to share some my first experiences how I messed up things, my lessons learnt.

To start with let me start with my weakest area cooking, one fine day I was alone at home and wanted to have some tea. I had prepared tea few times before but that was always under somebody’s supervision, wherein I just added water, sugar, tea and milk and done then somebody used to pour in a cup for me. But this time I was all alone, I started with making the tea added all the ingredients and the tea was finally ready and looked good. I took a cup for myself and was about to pour the tea in the cup but could not properly balance the hot vessel and it slipped away. Alas all the tea went to ground,I felt like all my efforts were wasted and had to go without tea that day.😥😥 I felt as if cooking is not my cup of tea, however slowly with time I learnt cooking as well as handling hot vessels. Even though I don’t feel I am a good cook even now, but still I can manage to cook my daily meals and sometimes even experiment new recipes after reading on Google.

Secondly I even found small activities like stapling papers difficult, looking at others I used to feel it is very easy just take the bunch of papers, hold it in between the stapler,press and done. So one fine day I went ahead to staple the papers, after putting the papers, I pressed the stapler and released with full confidence that will done. But sadly the pin went only half through and was stuck between paper and stapler. I thought it’s okay sometimes such things happen, I somehow freed the paper and stapler from the pin,threw the pin away and again started but alas again same thing happened😥😥. I wasted whole bunch of pins but did not get any success. Finally my younger sister took it from me and stapled the papers in one attempt. I felt very ashamed of myself. After spending days and days of unsuccessful attempts one fine day I learnt how to staple.😊

Another big experience which has left me with memory for lifetime was learning swimming. I have deep liking for water activities and swimming is and will always be my favourite.Before I started learning swimming I always thought that it must be very easy and I can learn it in a day or two.But the day I stepped into water l realised this is not easy as I thought. After spending days in trying to learning swimming I was still struggling. One day I was trying to jump into the pool but was feeling scared and was not able to do so, finally the swimming instructor pushed me from behind and I feel into water and went down. I felt as if I am drowning saw water all around me frantically started flapping my hands and legs in water and in few seconds came above the surface, but still had to reach the edge but was not able to move ahead and stayed at the same place. After few more seconds I realised how to move my hands so as to move ahead and reached the edge with great difficulty. All these things happened in one or two minutes but it seemed like ages to me. With such many more pushes from different people I finally learned swimming.🤗🤗

It has been years since all these incidents occurred but still the memories are fresh in my mind. I know all of you must be having memories of such first experiences in different areas in your life and if you like to please drop a comment on this article about one such memory you have😊😊

Awaiting comments from all of you……




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