Everyone you meet has story

I had a few negative experiences in past year, I lost a dear one,had a near death experience, lost a dream career opportunity, saw how people change when your time changes and had to go through immense physical and mental pain. Sometimes I felt like “Why me?” it seemed to me like everyone else has a perfect life except me.

After coming to US, staying away from family and leaving with new people I closely observed the lives of other people and realized that there is a difference between the inner life and outside reel of people’s life. Each person I meet here had a story to tell.

First thing I did after reaching here is was I started looking for a shared accommodation on Internet. Fortunately found one in week’s time but my roommate demanded two months rent in cash. Money was not an issue but I felt scared handing over this much amount to a stranger that too in cash what if this turns out to be a scam, what if she throws me out after taking money, but I had no option but to pay. I shifted there and with great tension handed over the money. After sometime two of her friend’s came for lunch, they all were very nice with me even offered me lunch, but I was still feeling scared, more people made me even more uncomfortable. After spending few days together I came to know that these people were even more worried than me while taking me in. Reason for demanding the whole amount in cash was because she had experienced some financial scams few days back and was saved luckily.

As days passed my roommates shared their experiences with me. One who had asked for cash earlier told me when she landed in US the first girl with whom she stayed with, not only charged her an exorbitant amount for a week but gave her just space enough to sleep, did not share wifi pwd to contact home and even did not allow her to cook. In such circumstances anybody would have felt like running back home but she did not,facing all the odds she settled in this country. As days passed we become good friends and she proved to be a big support to me.

As days passed I came to know that my other roommate who was about to move out, was in this house for only a month. She used to stay in a shared accommodation from where due to some dispute with her roommates she was thrown out, she had to keep her stuff in public storage and sleep for a day or so in her car and then found this place.

Over a period of time I saw a few students who were struggling for months to get a job. In USA surviving without jobs and that too after spending so heavily on education and still managing to smile as if everything is perfect is a big thing.

In span of a year I saw people whom I have known for a long time and who used to appreciate me, speak nice things about me suddenly change their behaviour and turn away. And the strangers whom I met here a few days back helping me in lot of ways and become friends in short span.

Finally I learnt a lesson that life is not fair but that does not mean you can give up. In spite of whatever storms you are going through you still have to get up, dress up and show up.

Life will knock you down, show you things you do not want to see but still each day you have to getup with a new hope and smile on face.

Hats off to everyone who is fighting this battle of life without giving up🤗🤗


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