I had read this line somewhere “Life is a difficult teacher it gives you the test first and lesson afterwards”

Over a span of life I had to go through few experiences which  taught me an important lesson in life which I am sharing here for my readers.

When I was very young I used to love playing on swings but there was a huge queue for the same. One day I was waiting in the queue the other children who were playing before me brought their other friends breaking the queue and asked if they could take extra turns and I did not know how to say “No” so I agreed. They kept on enjoying and I just kept waiting finally it grew dark and I got my turn but for only few minutes. This small incident taught me two important lessons

1. Learn to say “No”.

2. If you don’t fight for what you want then you will only get what is leftover after you take.

Second incident was learning swimming, I am very fond of any kind of water activities and so wanted to learn swimming but after spending months trying to learn I was not able to make much progress and everyone advised me to give up.But I wanted to learn it was my passion and finally one day when I was pushed into water I could swim. This was a moment of great joy for me.This taught me an important lesson

3. Don’t give up-If you persistently try to do something with your whole heart then one day you will get what you want.

When I was in my final year of Engineering I had to complete a project which is mostly done by students in a group. I was very reserved person and did not have any friends so nobody to work with me. Finally I started working alone on project and completed it. At the time of Viva (oral examination) I was very tense that I am alone how will I manage what if the examiner asks me something I don’t know. And top of that I got difficult examiner who interviewed me for more than half an hour.Finally when the results were out I got very good marks for the project. This taught me one more lesson

4. You have to fight your battles alone.

About an year back I was about to travel to USA everything was going perfect I was at the top of my career greatly appreciated by everyone. Just few days before the planned date of my travel I feel sick, still I was about to go ahead with travel as planned. Just one day before I went to doctor for checkup in morning he said nothing to worry about just get few test done but you can travel no issues with that. After that in spite of not feeling well I went for shopping and was happy that tommorow I will fly to USA a long waited dream to come true. In the night I went to doctor with reports he said no you cannot travel complete bed rest till I advise.In a blink of eye all my dreams collapsed. I had to lay in bed for months and those people who used to constantly appreciate me and make me feel valued found a new resource for their project and post that did not even once on humanity grounds bothered to check if I am alive or dead.This taught me two lessons

5.Life can change in blink of eye, so do not wait for any special occasion do what you want to do immediately as you may or may not get chance later.

6.Some people are not loyal to you they are loyal to their need for you.

After I got well I was again onboarded on same project, I completed all my tasks to my level best and moved out. In spite of learning the lesson above I again went to work for the same people.Till these people wanted some work from me they were nice,once I completed my project and moved out. These people showed their true colors to me and taught me again the same lesson 6 above.I feel I had not learnt the lesson properly so life tested me once again.

Life is full of such lessons each time you make a mistake it is a chance to learn a new lesson.After meeting new people I come to know each person you meet has different experiences and has gone through different tests in life and learnt different lessons.

Life is not fair but still you have to go on with a smile and face all the challenges and emerge out as Victor. More and more difficulties you face more strong you become.And finally life spent making mistakes is far more valuable than life spent doing nothing. 🤗🤗🤗



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