All that glitters is not gold

Long time back I had read a novel “Dollar Bahu” which closely captures the life of people settled is USA and shows underneath the mask of successful and wealthy life everyone has their own issues and is fighting their own daemons. It ultimately makes us aware of the fact that “Grass is always greener on the other side”.

As like any Indian Software professional I also had a dream of coming onsite once to take that experience. Finally after a long wait I reached USA few months back.Before coming over here I heard a lot of stories from my friends who had travelled before me.All these stories highlighted more on reaching here as sign ultimate success and once you cross this mark there is no looking back. I even met people whose ultimate dream was to make it to here.

Listening to all this I had a very rosy picture of the life over here but little did I realise that everything comes with a price tag.Almost a decade back I started my career in IT in a small company as developer with a very meagre salary.Back then I did not have much income not even to support my basic expenses, but was still enthusiastic and happy.After a day’s hardwork I could come home and sleep peacefully without any worries.Back then also I had a dream of working for a big company take that experience. After more than a year my dream was fulfilled I got a new job with almost three times salary,which even though was not a big amount but I was very happy with this increase.

I started with my second job and was learning many new things technically which was still easy, real challenge was how to save yourself from office politics. Fortunately I got a few good colleagues who not only guided me in work but also in how to save myself from politics.After spending few days in that company one of my colleague told me now you maybe happy with the initial salary hike that you got but this happiness is short lived.Slowly over a period of time the dissatisfaction,competition started growing in mind and peace of mind started vanishing.

Finally I left this job and joined some other company ready to face the new challenge in life.Slowly settled in this company changed from a shy and reserved person who was scared to talk to people to a confident individual highly trusted by the customer.In admidst all politics not only managed to survive but also rise to the rank of top 20% performers.But as I said everything comes with price tag, good hearted and the contented person inside me was getting killed daily fighting all the politics,somewhere deep down inside I was knowing that people who seem to be very nice to me may have some different motives everyone here is with a mask.Also learnt a lesson that there is nothing that you can do about it, life is not fair but still you cannot give up.

After I reached USA meet new people over here and closely observed their struggles I realised that each one has a story to tell.I saw people struggling for a job and to meet expenses,lonely people who have to keep pets for company to avoid lonliness,homeless people and people struggling with lot many different issues but still have to live with a smile on the face.Over a period of years I met few people who questioned me about my income and then reacted “ohh you have such a good income” but little did they know about all the struggles I had to undergo to reach this stage and still there is a long way to go.

Only four months in USA taught me a very important lesson that there is a vast difference between the outside image and the inner reel of people’s life.Now when I look at people more successful than me I really wonder are they really happy with the price they paid to reach here? But then if you leave opportunities because of the price tag associated with it then sometimes the regret of not trying is also more hurting than pain of all the struggle you have to undergo.

Life is a big dilemma and each person has to find his way out of it, hiding his personal daemons behind a smiling face.I am also struggling to find my happiness……hope I will be successful🙂🙂



3 thoughts on “All that glitters is not gold”

  1. This is a great post! Life is a journey and congratulations on how far you have come! I am sure everything will work out!


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