Home sweet home

” Mid pleasures and palaces though we roam but it ever be so humble there is no place like home”

I had read this line somewhere long time back and it touched my heart. Right since I was born I have been staying in one single home for my entire lifetime. This simple one bedroom apartment is my whole world.I learnt to walk holding the walls of this house as a support,this house has witnessed my journey,my happiness, my sorrows,my victories and my failures.It provided the necessary comfort and support during my difficult times and a place to celebrate during happy times.

Over a period of times this house has witnessed lot many transitions in the interiors but still the feeling of warmth and comfort it provides is the same. Even though I am away from my home now still when I close my eyes and think about old memories all the happy times spent in this house cloud my mind. Images of the happy as well as sad events in this house flash before my eyes and fill them with tears of joy and pain both.

Just a few months back I moved to Miami and started searching for a room for myself to stay.Since childhood I had a dream of staying in a duplex house and coincidentally while searching on internet for a room found one in duplex house. Scared of staying with strangers in two minds and with the fear of scams I moved into this house.Room which I got was completely empty with no furniture slowly purchased things as needed and filled this Room.

Only few months in this house I saw lot many transitions and ups and downs in life.I experienced the pain,lonliness, saw the people whom I have known for ages suddenly change their behaviour and show their true colors but I also met a nice and a loving roommate in this house who not only helped me in settling in this new place but also helped me gain back my confidence. This house which was just a shared accommodation for me soon became second home for me.Whenever I felt low I knew I had a place to return to where I will find the necessary support and when I was happy and wanted to celebrate my joy this was the place.

Only in short span of five months this place has carved a permanent impression on my mind and the thought of leaving this place soon brings tears to my eyes😥😥.With tons of memories I will soon move out of this place and may never get to see this place again. Whenever I close my eyes and think about my home the images of this home with all the happy memories will flash before my eyes.I hope the new room where I will be shifting also gives me the same feeling and changes from room to my third home…😊


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