Why Me?

Over a period of year and a half I had to go through lot many bad experiences which always left me with a question “Why me?”

It all started about a year and half back I was at peak of my career among the top 20% resources, highly trusted by the customer, great team player, selected to travel to USA for prestigious project. But suddenly I fell sick and it turned out to be a major illness which could even be fatal.This one blow shattered all my dreams and threw me out of limelight people who used to praise me and always say nice things to me completely forgot about me. Days after days lying in bed I kept on wondering “Why me ?”

I recovered from this and went back to work and recreated my position but my struggle did not end here. Next few months taught me lot many lesson in corporate politics and showed me true faces of  people.

Leaving all the negative experiences behind I travelled to USA and wanted to make a new start of my career but again lot many experiences were waiting to test my mental strength.First time staying alone and away from family initially I felt little scared and lost and somebody taking advantage of my situation constantly started blaming me for things which were not my mistakes and tried to break my confidence and made me feel like I don’t want to stay here I want to go back😥😥

I still continued and fortunately found a supporting friend who did not allow me to give up. Slowly with time I regained my confidence and learnt how to survive in USA, but the constant question “Why me?” kept on bothering me.Days passed and one after the other I saw many ups and downs.Roamed all over USA saw all the places I wanted to see, did a lot of shopping, most of all gained my lost confidence learned how to survive alone and face the world.There were still more blows life had planned for me like I lost my home not once but twice and almost became homeless had to spend heavily on hotel.I even became victim of a financial scam but was saved somehow.

Everytime some bad incident happened I always felt “Why me? ”  I thought deeply about this and then I came across an article on internet about a legendary Wimbledon player who was diagnosed with AIDS, he received letters from his fans all over the world one of which said “Why does GOD have to select you for such a bad disease?”, to which he replied saying

When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD “Why me?”.

And today in pain I should not be asking GOD “Why me?”

These lines changed my thoughts reminded me of good things that happened to me, all my successes and achievements and I felt that time I never asked “Why me?” so now I should not ask “Why me?” This changed my outlook to life and gave me the strength to face all the issues.

Life with all the up and downs still continued but everytime I feel like saying “Why me?” I will remember all the good things that happened to me and keep me motivated.👍👍


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