I will win

Few months ago I read a mail about some session on positive thinking in my office. On reading it my first thought were that some person will come and say things like think positive,problem are not solved by stressing over them or with negativity and many more such things which are easier said than done. I always had an opinion about such people that it is easier to tell others such things but do they really practice the same themselves.

As such I was not much interested in attcobfidenceending the same, however that day I had a little free time and my other colleagues were also going so I went there. As the session started I was in for a big shock the speaker was himself completely paralytic below neck but still delivering the session with confidence and smile on face.

About 16 years back he had an accident which made him paralytic, doctors had told him that he will not survive more than few weeks but much to their surprise he had not only survived but lived life to the fullest.

This person was not just teaching others to think positively or just motivating with words he was doing it with his own example.Salute to such a person…

Over past few days I had few negative experiences and felt like my entire career is over, I am defeated there is nothing left in life I had almost given up but then I suddenly remembered about this person if he does not give up inspite of all these things why should I ?

12 years ago I had started my career as fresher with not much knowledge and meagre salary and from thereon built my career and established my self as ERP consultant. I will again make new start with knowledge acquired over years reestablish myself in my career…….

Defeat or failure is state of mind as long as I don’t consider myself defeated I am not defeated👍




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