Bucket List

Few days back I saw a movie “The Bucket List” in which two terminally ill men decided to explore life and make a bucket list of the things they have not done before but wish to do. Their wishes range from sky diving to trekking in Himalayas. In short in their final days they fulfill their wishes which they had left behind while they were busy with their jobs,career and their other responsibilities.

This made me look back at my life what did I do all these years initial years were spent in studies, then I was busy with my job in between as a break I enjoyed few vacations… but was I really living my life what is my secret wish list, my bucket list , what did I want to do before I die?

With this I started preparing my bucket list of items I am yet to do…..

1. I want to see snow fall, I have always lived in a city close to sea and thus in a hot and humid climate, I want to experience the freezing temperatures and look outside my window and see the snow falling and everything around covered in white blanket.

2. I want to learn driving once again and then buy my own car and go on long drive on rainy day in place of lush greenery or drive in the night at high speed on an expressway.

3. Laugh till my belly hurts, when I look a few years back I don’t remember a time when I had a real hard laugh forgetting all my tensions and worries so I want to see something maybe a comedy show which will make me laugh till tears roll down my cheek.

4.Water sports, right since my childhood I had fascination for all activities related to water whether it was learning swimming or just playing in the water on the beach so now I want to do scuba diving and river rafting once.

5.Foreign trips, I always loved travelling and I want to see a couple of places like Australia, Europe,South East Asia and maybe once again visit Newyork and few places in USA which I have not seen and click lots of pics over there.

6. My blog to hit the 10000 visitors mark, currently it is just 250 so a long way to go…

7. Get rid of all hard feelings and hate in my heart, yes I have had a few bad experiences and hate couple of people but after deep thinking I realised that this is robbing me of my peace of mind so I don’t know how but I want to completely forget these people, the hate should be replaced with apathy.

8. Click a lot of nice pics and Post them on Instagram and Facebook and get hundreds of likes…

9.Bring joy to someone’s life, I want to give someone a happy experience which will always remain in their memory and whenever they will remember that they will happy and seeing them happy will also give me happiness.

10. Last but not the least I want to achieve some big success so that the whole world will know me, to be more honest I want to make it to Forbes list of powerful women…..

Some of list items above may seem very small and easy to achieve while some maybe seem impossible so all my readers wish me luck that I maybe able to do these things in my life…

I also urge you all to prepare your own bucket list so that at the end of your life you do not have regrets for things you wanted to do but did not do…..

Lastly I would like to say only the below line I had learned somewhere

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross




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