Game of Life

In past few month I experienced a big setback in life, saw how people play games against you, experienced how cruel people can be, learnt a lesson of lifetime. Some days I just felt there is nothing left in life now and prayed for death😕😕

Days seemed to be dragging and long with practically nothing to do and  just to pass time I started watching some old movies and tv shows. Among these only some stories,scenes or dialogues left a deep impression on my mind and lifted my mood from depression, gave me the strength to cope with difficulties or hope to continue….

First one among them was

Shawshank Redemption– In this movie a banker is falsely accused of murdering his wife and her lover and sent to prison for life sentence.Inspite of all the hardship he faced in his days in prison he works towards betterment of prison library and also makes use of his banking knowledge to help the guards in money laundering and finally managed to escape after spending almost 20 years in prison and becomes a millionaire even though by illegal means.After seeing this I thought very deeply is my situation more worst than this guy no right?then why am I thinking of giving up ?why am I wishing to die ?  What if somebody posted politics with me ? What if all my efforts of past few years were wasted ? Knowledge which I gained till now is still with me, I will rebuild my life from ashes and achieve even better position than what I had before. At this juncture I remembered a proverb I had read somewhere “They tried to bury us but did not know we were seeds“.

Next among them are

The Bucket List – In this movie two terminally ill men decide to explore life and make a bucket list comprising all the things they haven’t tried before…This made me look back on my life did I really live me my life fully? If I were to die tommorow will I not have regrets about the things I did not do? So I started to prepare my own wish list , my own bucket list which I have already shared with my readers in my previous post..Sharing it again for my readers…

Video on Facebook– While browsing on Facebook I saw a video posted which had warning as “This video may make you quit your job …” The video urged people watching to not waste a life working on a job, waiting for weekend and paying rent and in the end regret for things they wanted to do but did not do… Instead find their dream, their passion leaving fear of failure aside. This left me thinking what is my passion? what is it that will give me true happiness and satisfaction, I am yet to find my answer..

Last but not the least…

I am a sensitive person who gets upset on even small offending remarks from people. And over last few days I had to go through many offending question initially I tried to hide my failure from people giving false excuses but while watching old seasons of “Game of thrones” I came across this dialogue which made me realise that more and more I try to hide my failure from people more and more their questions will hurt me instead it is better to face my failure and boldly admit it.

Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you. ~Tyrion Lanniser, Game of Thrones


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