Last few months I encountered lot many different people and observed the real person behind the masks.Learnt a lesson on how mean and selfish people can be and still show as if they are caring and loving😕😕

It all started with my coming to USA, first bad experience I had was of corporate politics. I was always top performer in my team before I came to USA but on this new project I was bring treated like I am doing everything wrong and was kept out of most meetings, unnecessarily blamed for no fault of mine made to work late nights and weekends, leave aside any appreciation was constantly humiliated to such an extent that it could have broken my confidence or I might have landed into depression😕 and all this was done wearing a mask that “Based on your past performance we have high expectations from you” but what are these expectations? Where am I lacking? was never made clear to me.

Moving to USA I had my first experience of living alone away from family in a sharing accommodation.Slowly I adjusted to this new way of life and my roommate became my best friend. I was not very good cook whereas my roommate was expert in cooking, sometimes she used prepare very nice and tasty dishes which we had together, she showed me vegetarian options available in USA and we were having a great time together.I used to think inspite all bad experiences in office my home life is happy, I had developed full trust in my roommate. But one day just two days before vacating that house a phone call changed my reality, I realised that I am victim of major financial scam and based on some of details I got over the call it could not be an outsider it was someone who lived with me. Same person who I trusted completely and one who used to say “You are like a sister to me” had stabbed in my back.

I moved to new house and this time thought I will be cautious kept my documents locked. Soon got used to this place and then for few days my family also travelled to USA, travelled to all the places in USA which I wanted to see, did a lot of shopping and everything seemed to be going fine. When my family came from India my new roommate asked if they could get her some medicines for which she would pay and they brought that also but she took it for free and did not pay which I still ignored thinking no big deal as her overall behaviour was nice with me.I was soon going to travel back and I asked her for the returning back advance rent I had paid she calculated the amount she had to return but was deducting some excess amount which I pointed to her this made her angry, she not only deducted that excess amount but made me vacate the house two days in advance of my date of travel just to land me in trouble, make me homeless.I had to spend heavily in hotel because I had not recognised a greedy, mean and money minded person from behind the mask.

I had to go through lot of pain because I could not recognise the real person behind the mask and I have still not got justice in any of the above cases but I am still hopeful that one day all these people will face their karma, maybe I will not come to know but I will get justice that day…….



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