Inspiring Dad

While browsing on Facebook I came across a video about an unique wedding of a youngest single father and it really touched my heart.

Aditya Tiwari who is working in Pune and originally from Indore. Aditya is a dad to Avneesh who has ‘Down syndrome’.

When Aditya was in his 20’s while visiting the orphanage he was drawn to a child.He wanted to adopt and take care of the child but he was told that the child had down syndrome,hole in heart and visual disabilities also but this did not change his mind.

As a single unmarried individual it took literally over a year to get the permission to adopt a child and that too with special needs. It was a lengthy campaign, struggle and multiple visits to various organizations to get this sorted out.Finally Aditya was Avaneesh’d Dad.

This man’s unique story does not end here.He also had a unique wedding in which instead of having fancy wedding feast for friends and relatives, 10,000 people from old age homes, orphanages were treated to a feast and over 1000 stray animals fed and 100 saplings planted.

Aditya broke many stereotypes and taboos and gave hope to society, hats off to him👏👏, world needs more such Aditya.



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