Struggles are no excuse for giving up on your dreams!

Jobless Single Mother, Fought depression, Rejected by 12 publishers….Became the richest author

J.K. Rowling – Author of Harry Potter Series

Rejected from 30 jobs including KFC,Rejected from Harvard 10 times, Failed at school and college exams

Jack MA – Founder,Alibaba

At 21 diagnosed with ALS, disease that shuts down the nerves, eventually lost the ability to speak & move, defied all odds and became leading scientist

Stephen Hawking – Physicist

Grew up at farm, milked cows and sold milk,delivered newspapers, founded the largest retail chain

Sam Walton – Founder, Walmart

Recipe got rejected 1009 times, Got 5 Cents/Chicken from restaurant, years later 600 KFC outlets in USA

Colonel Sanders – Franchise, KFC

Born to housemaid and coal worker, raped at 9 & 13, pregnant at 14, Millionaire by 32, “Queen of all Media”

Oprah Winfrey – Talk Show Host


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