FLY=First Love Yourself

Few months ago I was laid off from my job, this was big blow to me, all through my career I had seen people getting laid off but never thought this would happen to me, I always had high performance rating but still I was laid off. ☹️☹️

It was emotional trauma to me for days I felt depressed and spent nights crying in my bed.I was very dedicated to my work, kind of workaholic person who did not like to spend time idle. I only took time off from work in case of personal emergency or when I am sick or if I have some travel plan. I never liked to take a day off just to sit idle at home to take rest or relax. No that was not me just not something acceptable to me. But now I was left with no option just to idle timeout till I find some other job.

Then while browsing on internet I came across a video with a title ” I quit my job after seeing this”. This video urged people to really live the life they want to, without regrets, it gave the message that life is not just work from Monday to Friday, putting up with jobs which they don’t like”,collect paychecks every month, pay the rent and wait for weekend, it is far more than that but fear of failure holds people back from their talents and their passion and leaves them with regrets that “if only I had……”. It gives an important message ” Everyone dies but not everybody lives

This video left me thinking Did I really live my life? What did I do last 12 years? Just lived a routine of going to work everyday and coming home, eat dinner and sleep, occasionally a small vacation or movie on weekend Is this all? So I decided that now that I have got time I will spend it my way, I will do things which I could not do till now.

Initially I got very upset when people saw me somewhere maybe walking on road on weekday during my usual working hours and asked me questions like ” Ohh you did not go to office today?” I had to find some excuse to hide the fact that I was laid off but over the time I read a few articles on LinkedIn which said that there is no shame in being laid off, I slowly started to accept the fact and started to hide less.

Just to kill time I started to watch ” Game of Thrones” all the seasons from one to six. In one of the episodes I came across a quote

Do not forget what you are and rest of the world will not, Wear it like an armour and it can never be used to hurt you

I deeply thought about this and realised the fact, till I feel ashamed of the fact that I was laid off, any question from anyone will keep on hurting me. Finally after a lot of self debate I am able to accept it and write openly about it for world to know and henceforth I will not hide from anyone but will face the world with confidence.

During the idle time I had I tried lot many thing like tried to cook different dishes some of which turned out well and some failed completely….., saw some good movies and  plays…..,  read a few good books…,prepared my bucket-list of things I wish to do…..,arranged for a family trip to North Indian states of Punjab  & Himachal (referred to as Devbhoomi – Land of God), away from hot humid climate to freezing cold winter in the lap of Himalayas, gave more time to my hobby of writing and added new sections under my blog.

Other than this I also studied the different investment option which yield better returns, risk involved and tax implications of the same, being from complete non-financial background I had to search of lot of website to understand things. But the knowledge I gained in this will prove to be useful in managing my finance over period of time.

Over this period I experienced days of gloom, when I felt defeated but overall when I look back I learned an important lesson that a job is not everything there is more to life and now I want to truly live before I die.


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