Seven Pots of Gold

Once upon a time there was a Royal barber, who earned a handsome salary and was happy and cheerful man.

One day while returning home from work while walking through the forest he heard a voice which asked “Do you want seven pots of Gold?”. Puzzled by this question he said “Yes”, the voice replied “Go home you will find the pots at your home”. He rushed home and much to his suprise he found seven pots, out which six were filled till brim but seventh one was only half filled. He decided to fill the seventh pot also with gold.

From next day onwards he started dropping all his earnings into that pot, he starved himself and his family just so that he can get more gold to fill the pot. His happiness and cheerful nature vanished and day by day he became more miserable thinking about the pot which not matter what he added was not getting full.

He decided to request king for a raise to which king happily agreed and gave him a raise. Now he could add more gold and soon hoped for the pot to be full.But Alas! no matter how much gold he added the pot was not getting full…….

Day by day he was becoming weak due to starvation, he could not sleep at night thinking about the pot. King also noticed the change in him and one day finally asked him “Did you accept the seven pots of gold?”

He was suprised by this question and admitted to have taken that gold. King said “You should not have taken that gold. It is Yaksha (meaning:Forest Spirit) ‘s gold, it is of no use as you cannot spend it and will only keep on adding to the pot which will never get full.” “Immediately go back and ask the Yaksh to take back his gold and then only you will get back your happiness and peace of mind”

Barber immediately followed his advice and asked the Yaksh to take back his gold, that moment the pots disappeared. Barber also lost all the gold he added from his earnings by starving himself and his family…….

We are also like that barber and all our life we run after money, ignoring our health and our family. No matter how much we earn we always want more and more and in the process lose our happiness and peace of mind and finally end up with nothing left…………….



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