Few years ago I had read a story in one of holy books, there lived a man who faced failure in any work he tried to do. He had a big family to look after and was finding it difficult to make the ends meet. Frustrated by this he decided to leave the house and go on pilgrimage. With this thought in mind he packed few clothes and kept them in backyard and decided to run away in the night when everyone else was asleep.

At night when he went to collect the baggage he found one more baggage he besides it. He was surprised seeing that baggage I did not tell anyone that I am leaving so whose baggage is this? Immediately his destiny appeared before him and said this is my baggage I am always with you and will go anywhere you go.

Both of them went to Kashi ( Small town in India known for pilgrimage) and had bath in holy river.Destiny said to the man today onwards I am supportive for you, want to see what I can do, then go to king’s court and knock down his crown and come back. Don’t worry nobody will be able to stop you. Man immediately followed his advice and knocked down the crown and walked away, crown fell on Minister’s lap who examined the crown and found a small baby snake inside the crown. Everybody felt that because of this man King is saved,King immediately ordered to find and get back the man to honour him for saving the king.

From that day onwards King started considering him like a Guru ( Spiritual teacher). King liked his Guru so much that everywhere he went he used to take Guru with him. Days were passing happily for the man. One day King went for hunting trip with the Guru, after roaming in the forest King got tired and decided to take rest under tree. Quickly he feel asleep, seeing King asleep Guru thought that let me keep king’s sword aside so that he can sleep more comfortably. This time the man’s destiny had turned against him. So the moment he touched the sword King opened his eyes and felt that he is taking my sword and going to kill me with that. He immediately ordered for the man’s arrest.

Such is the game of destiny in blink of eye it can turn for you or against you.Only through sincere prayers and faith in Almighty one can be saved from negative impacts of destiny.



God is watching

Few years back I saw a movie “Anjaana-Anjaani” (meaning Strangers) in which two strangers meet each other just few days before New years eve while trying  to commit suicide, they decide to fulfill their last wishes and then commit suicide together on New years eve. In this journey of few days they fall in love with each other and finally they jump off the bridge in water but are saved by rescue team and two years later get married.

This movie had a very beautiful song which anytime you hear when you are feeling low or demotivated gives you a feeling of comfort as if someone is always with protecting you, helping you with your burdens. Sharing it below with meaning in english

Dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein
Ik pal ko tu nazar jhuka
Jhuk jaaye sar jahan wahin
Milta hai rab ka raasta

When your destinations become hazy
Look down for a minute
Wherever your head bows down
That is the road to god

Teri kismat tu badal de
Rakh himmat bas chal de
Tere saathi mere kadmon ke hain nishaan
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

You change your destiny
Move ahead with courage
My footprints are with you
You are not aware but God is with you

Khud pe daal tu nazar, Haalaton se haar kar
Kahaan chala re
Haath ki lakeer ko, Modta marodta,
Hai hausla re
Toh khud tere khwabon ke rang mein
Tu apne jahan ko bhi rang de

Look at yourself, Defeated by circumstances where are you heading to..
Even lines of the palm are turned and twisted by courage
Color this world in the color of your dreams

Ke chalta hoon main tere sang mein
Ho shaam bhi toh kya
Jab hoga andhera
Tab paayega dar mera
Uss dar pe phir hogi teri subah
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda

I am always with you
Even if it is evening (dark)
Whenever it is dark
You will find my door
On that door will be your morning (start of new day)
Your are not aware God is around you

Mitt jaate hain sabke nishaan
Bas ek woh mitt ta nahin haye
Maan le jo har mushkil ko marzi meri haye

Everybody’s marks are erased
Only one who does not get erased is
One who considers each difficulty as my wish

Ho humsafar na tera jab koi
Tu ho jahan rahunga main wahi
Tujhse kabhi na ik pal bhi main judaa
Tu na jaane aas pass hai khuda,

Whenever you have no companion
I am there with you
I will not leave you even for a single moment
You are not aware God is around you

Man with a phoenix touch…

Direct Dil se

Below are inspiring excerpts from the commencement speech by Steve Jobs, at Standord University on June 12, 2005.

Truth be told, I never graduated from college, and this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation. Today, I want to tell you three stories from my life.

Best decisions I ever made

The first story is about connecting the dots. I ped out of Reed College after the first six months. Why? Well, it started before I was born. My biological mother was a young, unwed graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption.

She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates, but my biological mother found out later that my mother had never graduated from college and that my father had never graduated from high school. She refused to sign the final adoption papers. She only relented a few months…

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