Why Cry?

While browsing on the internet I came across a very beautiful video sharing below the gist of the same

Initially the speaker in the video tells a joke and all the people around him laugh, he again repeats the same joke only a few people smile, he keeps on repeating the same joke 3-4 times and people stop reacting…..

Then he says I repeated the same joke again and again initially you laughed but now you have became quiet if I keep on repeating same thing you will start thinking there is something wrong with this person he is saying samething again and again.

Thing is you cannot laugh at same joke again and again then why cry over the same problem again and again….

Problems, issues, difficulties will keep on coming no matter who you are…

चिंता (pronounce-Chinta Meaning- Anxiety) and
चिता (pronounce-Chita Meaning- Funeral pyre)

If you observe carefully there is only a difference of dot in the way two words are written but the real difference is much bigger between the two, funeral pyre burns a dead person only once, but anxiety or worry keeps on burning a living person daily, each moment of life.

All our lives are plans of God and there is a reason behind every difficulty which comes our way only thing is we don’t know the reason, so “Smile” even when you are facing the difficulties it’s God’s plan for you and something good is going to come out of it.


3 thoughts on “Why Cry?

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    1. Sadah,
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