Reading the book of life

Life is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page

I came across this quote somewhere while browsing on the internet and felt like very true. Each place you visit, leaves an impression on your mind, each experience you have changes you into a new person, each journey you undertake teaches you something different and gives you uncountable memories.

I have traveled a lot, and had a glimpse of many wonders of nature like vast oceans, cool and windy beaches, deep canyons, desert sands, green mountains to snow clad peaks of Himalayas, mesmerizing views of sunset and sunrise……But travel is not just viewing the attractions,attractions are just a part of it. Along with this you also get to learn about people, local cultures, traditions, taste of local cuisines, adjusting to new weather, chilling cold or scorching heat or heavy rains.

In my travel I have meet a lot of people and saw both good and bad faces of human nature, I have seen cab drivers charging exorbitant amounts from tourist by pretending destination is far, hotels trying to extract more money from tourist if you arrive without advance booking and try to book on the spot,people pretending to help you with loading  your luggage in bus or train without asking and then demand some unreasonable amount of money for the same, waiters who stand on your head to see if you keep any tip or not, people selling items at double price in tourist spot etc.

Along with this bad face, I have also seen the other side of the coin, I have seen some people who go out of their way to help other travelers, like in one of my journey in a hill station in Himachal Pradesh (State in North India) , I had to board a early morning bus to my next destination and bus stop was very near to my Hotel, early in the morning I just went to the bus stop to enquire about the bus, the conductor said the bus leaves in 10 mins, I told him I have to get my luggage from hotel, after knowing this he came with me to hotel and helped me to quickly carry my luggage to the bus so that I don’t miss it.  On another such journey after long bus ride when we finally reached near our destination, the conductor told us to get down little before the bus stand as we can get taxis to hotel easily from there, not only this he himself went and negotiated with taxi driver and aske d him to shows us few good hotels so that we can select any one from them.

In this life when even close friends cheat each other for few bucks and we have to be on constant guard to save ourselves from people around us, such strangers show us a different face of world and make us believe humanity still exists.

This is what travelling is, it is not just sightseeing, but collection of all such experiences which  shows us both the ugly and beautiful face of human nature.Some things can only be learnt by experiencing it yourselves and not by reading or listening to others and for that you have to travel. As someone rightly said

I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.


Carpe Diem

Few months ago just a day before a long weekend on a Friday morning stampede occurred on a railway station bridge in Mumbai,  people lost their lives. Most of them were on their daily commute to work, eagerly awaiting the long weekend, making plans for celebrating the Hindu festival of Dassera, planning for family outing for long weekend.In few minutes all those dreams were crashed.

Everywhere we read and hear instructions not to cross railway lines, use footover bridges for safety. But these people lost their lives inspite of taking a safe route, something which nobody had imagined happened.

In a second incident a fire broke in a pub just two-three days before New year’s Eve and again people lost their lives, some of them were celebrating a friend’s birthday, some had come to Mumbai to witness new year’s celebration in Mumbai. Alas all those dreams were crashed😕😕.

In this life we keep on making plans for future, but we don’t know what next second holds for us. Sometimes we want to say something to a loved one, catch up with a old friend, go on a vacation, shop for things we love, relax and read a good old book etc but keep on postponing it for some reason or another and then one fine day there is no time left to do that.

Life changes in a blink of eye, so don’t wait for special occasions, today is the special day of your life. Always remember

Burn the candles,Use the nice sheets, Wear the pearls.
Don’t save anything for special occasion.
Today is special enough.- Regina Brett


Finish to Phoenix…A Journey

Years ago I met Gargi (name changed for privacy) a simple middle classed Indian girl who completed her Engineering in Information Technology from not so reputed college with a Pass Class. Those were the days of boom of IT service industry in India.

Most of the reputed IT companies till date in India demand a first class for freshers and  jobs are  filled through campus placement in reputed colleges. So Gargi was left with little but no options, she tried to apply for jobs using job sites but did not get any response. Months passed and she started loosing hope.

One day through somebody’ s reference she was called for an interview since it was her first interview without asking much details about the position she went for the interview. Few days after that she was called to join the company, without any formal letter just  with an oral confirmation, Gargi went to office for the first day. When she asked for the letter she was told she will get it in few days.

Gargi’ s job profile was that of a hardware Engineer and salary meager Rs 2500 (much lower than standard back in those days also), little did she have any idea of the work she was expected to do. Looking at the few trainees around she learnt how to assemble a PC and install the Operating system. Nobody around her explained her anything about work they just said you have to learn on your own, nobody assigned her any work also. She used to go to office every morning sit for 9 hours and go back home in evening. Life seemed like a drudgery but she had no choice as she had got this job with great difficulty and could not muster the courage to leave it.

One month passed this way and suddenly one day she was asked to leave and collect her pay cheque after few days, she was shocked, after waiting for months she had finally got a job and it was lost. It was not that she loved this job in fact day by day it was becoming more of punishment but now she was again a fresher with a pass class.

Much to her surprise within 15 days she was called for an interview in a small company, she was asked to solve an online IQ test and then leave. She went home and was just having her lunch when she got a call to join on the next working day. On her first day she was not assigned any work she started feeling worried what if these people also ask me to leave after a month or so then what, will I be able to survive here or not.

After two or three days she was assigned her first task of programming, she struggled for few days learning new technology and all along this, till she completed her first task she was worried that she will get fired if she cannot complete this. Another thing about this company was there were constant songs being played as everyone around was music lover. One such song particularly touched her as it matched her situation.

Song was about a “Broken winged bird ,who was robbed in such a way that he could never fly, down came he crashing on the ground but still dreamed of clouds (flying), in his broken pieces he saw the will of God and smiled, after losing his wings only he learned how to fly” .

She also felt like she was broken winged bird when she was fired from her first job, all her dreams crashed.But over a period of time she realized that this was God’s will which redirected her from job she hated to a career in a field she always wanted.

Once she completed her first task she got her confidence back that I will survive in this corporate world.After that days and years passed she learnt new things, switched on to new job and become a successful IT software Consultant. Had she not been fired from the first job in a month she would have been stuck in a job she hated and would have missed the career opportunities lying before her.

Sometimes we experience failures in life, things do not go the way we planned but later in life we realise this was God’s way to redirect us to something better.


Truly Rich

Few days ago one of my friends tagged an other friend in an FB post. The post showed a picture of “a safe with bundles of INR 2000 notes and said that tag a friend who has this much cash but still says I am poor”. Immediately a fight started ( not a serious one) where both of them started pulling each others leg by calling the other person rich. And soon I was also tagged by them in the post to decide who is richest.

I decided to pull both their legs and said one of you is rich NRI and other is richest person in India. To which one of them replied “I am richest not in money but in friends“. “Rich in friends” this answer left me thinking …….

I have spent most of my life in crowded city of Mumbai where families of four or five people live in a single bedroom house or some times even in a single room house.I stayed in USA where I have seen people have two or three bedroom or even bigger houses but are staying alone and have keep pets for company. After a days hard work when you return home, you have luxurious three bedroom apartment with all amenities but no one to talk to, no one to share how your day was or you have small but cosy home with a family with whom you can share your happiness, your sorrow, your struggles. Who is really rich of the two?

I am not saying money is not important or you should not be rich, certainly it is important you cannot live without it and there is nothing wrong in striving to earn more money to improve your financial status. Only thing I am saying you should not loose everything while running after money. Money can buy you lot many things but you cannot talk to it or share your joy, your pain your struggles with it for this you need friends.

When I look back at my career graph I never earned very high package or achieved anything great. I lived a average life, I earned enough to live a comfortable life but not a very high amount. Sometimes I compared myself with some of my colleagues with similar years of experience who had achieved much more growth in terms of salary or position than me and I used to feel bad about myself as if I am a loser what did I earn after all these years? Few days back I found the answer to this question I have few of my colleagues or my juniors who changed over a period of time from colleagues to friends, who I know will always speak good about me whether I am around or not , I earned trust and goodwill of people with whom I worked this is far more important for me than the so-called material success. After this I felt no I am not a loser I am a winner in my own terms……


18 resolutions for 2018

Today on the first day of new year 2018 I have planned 18 things to do in this year

Fitness (both body and mind)

  • Walk atleast 2.5 km every day with no cell phone around, disconnecting yourself from all the phone calls, social networking apps and alerts
  • Meditate twice a day for 5 mins each to reduce the stress
  • Reduce the intake of fried food and eat more healthy stuff like fruits.Most difficult of all……


  • Read atleast one good book each month so about 12 in year.


  • Listen to any of my favorite songs for atleast 15 mins a day to calm the mind and reduce stress.


  • Go on solo trip to any destination in India preferably in months of Jan or Feb before the summer starts
  • Add one more stamp on my passport, Go on International trip to either Malaysia or Australia or Europe


  • Do some experiments in kitchen not only to satisfy taste buds but also to improve my cooking skills
  • Learn something new maybe playing a musical instrument or a foreign language not yet decided
  • Being an ERP technical consultant I will also study new technologies to upgrade my technical skills
  • Improve my financial knowledge, learn more about investment options to manage my savings more efficiently.


  • Till now I have been writing this blog in English but now I am Planning to add a new section to my blog in my Mother tongue “Marathi” Section will be labelled “Maiboli (meaning Mother tongue)”. English section will also be continued and not stopped.
  • I will be more consistent in writing and will try to publish atleast 3-4 articles each month on my blog.


  • Bored of long running seemingly never ending Indian daily soaps I have decided to cut myself off completely from them. Instead I have started watching more of International TV shows like “This is Us” , “Modern Family”,”Silicon Valley” etc this year, will add few more of such classic shows in this list. Sad part is there will be no season of “Game of thrones” this year.
  • Till now I did not have much liking for the movies. Last year I watched few very good movies (Genre- Drama) like “Wonder”, “Forrest Gump”, “127 hours” etc which were different from most of the  movies, which revolve around romance, action or comedy. This year also I am planning to identify such different movies based on their reviews and watch them.

Changing Myself

  • I am little reserved in nature and do not mingle easily with new people but this year I will try to change myself be a little more outgoing and try to make new friends
  • I am sensitive person and slightest remark from anyone can bring tears in my eyes this year I will try to be more strong and will not let small things hurt me easily.
  • Sometimes while watching comedy movies I saw people around me laughing loudly till their belly hurts, but I can only manage to give a small smile not more than that.I cannot experience the real joy, cannot feel free but this year I will try to change this loosen up a little, live very freely without worrying what others will think about me.

Not sure how many of these I will be able to achieve this year but there is different kind of joy in planning. Sometimes Journey is more beautiful than destination.




Carpe diem (Seize the day)

Few days back I saw a movie “Dead poets society”  a progressive English teacher, encourages his students to break free from the norms, go against the status quo and live unapologetically. I particularly liked the a poem  from the movie

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying; 
And this same flower that smiles today 
Tomorrow will be dying.

Most of us spend our lives first twenty years or so in studying, under constant pressure to excel academically, pressure from parents, pressure from society, then as soon as you finish education you need to get a well paying job, after getting a job also we feel happy for some days then you notice some other colleague or friend of yours is earning far better than you that moment happiness vanishes and rat race starts.

Second thing that comes after job is marriage, if you get married early enough you feel loaded with responsibilities and worry about your future, whereas if you don’t get married even after crossing marriageable age then people start questioning and due to this kind of societal pressure you feel like you are a loser because you could not find someone to get married.

All around we see examples of successful people in all fields, right from being an artist, a musician, a chef ……but still parents push their children in only one direction to excel in academics and follow the age old curriculum with little creativity. Many a dreams are killed due to pressure of living a life which society wants you to live.

Amongst all this stressful life, with bills to pay we have to put up with jobs that we hate, we keep on planning about the future including our retirement but there is no guarantee that we will be alive tommorow.I know that it’s not possible for anyone to live all the tension behind and enjoy each day, leave the drudgery of hateful job and start working on your passion, but at least we can find some moments to do something we all like not for money or fame or anything but just for inner peace and happiness.

Find at least one weekend or one day in the month or at least few days in year when you can do something you really like to do, without thinking about benefit of doing that, as you get engrossed you will forget the world around you, all your worries of future will vanish and you will feel like you are truly living. That is your moment which you have seized from this world only for you….


Don’t try to fit in Stand Out

Few days ago I saw a movie “Wonder” about a young boy with facial differences who starts attending a school. This heart warming and inspiring story of how a boy handles glaring eyes and hurtful remarks of everyone around him strikes empathetic cord deep down in your heart.

Most remembered scene from this movie was when Auggie’s family comes to drop him to the school for the first time. While saying goodbye to him his sister whispers into his ears “If they stare let them stare. You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.

As a child I was very overweight and not at all good with any kind of sports, I was always mocked by everyone for being overweight I had no friends, I became more and more of introvert and loner.

Over past few years due to hectic work life, long travelling and stress I lost weight. So from being referred to as “fat” people started calling me “Skinny” someone even questioned me “You are so Skinny Do you even eat?” (I am not underweight by any means and there is no reason for this question but still I had to face it)…….

Moral of the story is people will always have something to say no matter what, never take it to heart just remember   “You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out.”




Life is beautiful

When I was in school in one of my summer vacations I had traveled to North eastern states of India. Those were the days of no digital camera so no unlimited photos or videos, only camera we had then was with a roll of 36 photos and so photos had to be clicked carefully as each photo counted and finally after returning back from vacation when we developed the film some of the photos were still lost.and Memories had to be captured in mind than in camera back then.

Eventhough it has been almost 20 years since this vacation I can still close my eyes and see the breathtaking beautiful view from my hotel room of valley getting covered in fog, in few seconds the nearby houses suddenly disappeared from the site and it appeared as if we are in the clouds. Chilling cold at “Changu lake” (Glacial lake at 3,753 m or 12,313 ft) in summer month of May and June which made even getting down from the jeep difficult is something which cannot be forgotten. But how much ever try to recollect other events like exam scores of that same year, I don’t remember anything about that.

When I turn  back the pages of this book of life, Breathtaking view of “Niagara falls”, “Maid of the mist ride”,”Niagara fireworks at night”, “Harry Potter ride” at Universal studio, “Desert dune safari” in Dubai, first experience of walking in desert with feet sinking deep in sand,man made snow world in desert city, shimmering beauty of “Burj Khalifa” in Night, first toy train ride to Shimla, experience of chilling winter in Dalhousie wanting to  always stay in bed wrapped in blankets, “Wings of time” & “Gardens by bay ” night shows in Singapore, beauty of the “flower dome” and artificial waterfall and mist at “cloud forest dome”, first ropeway cable car ride at Darjeeling,walking in the forest at motor vehicle banned hill station of Matheran,  laser show at Hyderabad, view of Golden temple in the night  are all unforgettable with or without pictures to remember them.

Adventures like Horse riding at “Kufri” (highest point in Shimla), jet ski in “Diveagar” (small coastal town in Konkan region of India)  beach, Zip line at “Sentosa Island” (Singapore) which seemed very scary in the beginning and but later gave  immense happiness are some of memorable pages of life.

Taste of local delicacies like “Pandan Jelly” in Singapore, “Strawberry with cream” at Strawberry farms of Mahabaleshwar (Hill station in Maharashtra state of India), “Parathas” , “Makki roti” & “sarson ka saag” in Punjab, “Spicy french fries” in Miami were a treat to the taste buds.

Life is made of uncountable such memories, of the books we like to read, movies we watched, experience of cooking (or in my case making tea) for the first time, first time withdrawing cash from the bank, first time shopping using debit or credit card, travelling alone for the first time and many more such experiences which will never be forgotten.

Finally I would like to conclude with below quote

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
~Robert Breault




God Loving or God Fearing

I am religious minded person and a strong believer in God. Since childhood I have visited many pilgrimage places in India. Long time back when I was very young whenever we visited any famous pilgrimage on a usual day, I mean when there was no special festival we used to find very less crowd, no need to stand in queue and you can peacefully stand before the idol of God and say your prayers with no pushing around.

Nowadays the picture has changed famous pilgrimage places are always crowded, you have to wait minimum 1-2 hours in queue and if it is some special festival then it could be more than 12 hours in queue. Finally after a long wait and paining legs you only get few seconds to stand before the God that too with crowd behind trying to continuously pushing you away.No peace of mind or time to have a conversation with god.Ever thought what could be the reason behind this?

Are people becoming more and more devoted to God?Is this a positive sign? Or is it uncertainty and stress of modern life which is making people look for some kind of support? Are they looking for someone who will fulfill there wishes? or they are fearful of something bad might happen to them if they don’t do this? Are these really god loving people or are they God fearing people?

In this regard I read a article in newspaper, a religious minded elderly man in his seventies who had retired from his job few years back, had a sound health and financial status, who had everything to live a contented and peaceful life once visited an astrologer.  As he started the conversation he said that I have visited all the holy places of Saints in India, I have read their books multiple times, daily I spend about two hours reading holy books and about 1.5 hours doing Pooja (prayer ritual performed by Hindus of devotional worship to one or more deities).

However nowadays I am feeling bored of doing all these things but feel scared to stop also, if I stop reading a holy book of any particular saint will he/she get angry with me? will something bad happen to me?

To this the astrologer replied “No need to fear, God or Saint are compassionate and they never get angry, All saints preach the same thing that God is one and irrespective which form you worship him it reaches the same almighty. If somebody tells you to dig hundred feet well in a land to get water , but instead of digging a single well hundred foot deep if you dig hundred wells of one foot deep each will you get water? No right …. Only do whatever you can do with complete devotion and how much ever small that is it will reach God.”

In this life we all have to face ups and downs as per our karma of this life and past life even Gods when they took human form could not escape laws of Karma. Only reason behind praying is to reduce the intensity of bad events and to get the strength to face them, similarly removal of  obstacles if any in good things in life.

Lastly I would like to say that I do not wish to say that do not visit temples or read holy books or follow any other way I only wish to say that if it makes you happy by all means do it but do not let it become a burden and do it painfully. If I have knowingly or unknowingly hurt anybody’s religious sentiments in above article sincere apologies for the same.


Adios 2017

As we are approaching the new year Eve most of us have started with our resolutions for new year. Just as I was preparing my own bucket list for the new year I looked back on my previous year and thought what did I do different this year and memories started flocking down


Darr Ke Aage Jeet hain (Meaning: Victory lies ahead of fear)

I am not an adventure loving person, in fact I am scared of heights but this year I thought I am going to change this and so I tried jet ski, luge and skyline ride, segway and the most scariest and exciting of all zipline. Eventhough for initial few seconds these rides appear scary, latter once you get comfortable it becomes super exciting, fun filled and you end up experiencing some different kind of joy.
Next year I am planning to go for scuba diving.



Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama

Added one more stamp on to my passport, my third international trip to SouthEast Asia’s beautiful and expensive country Singapore.

passport full of stamp


 Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.

I always loved reading and used to finish reading any book or novel which I could lay my hands on in a day, however in past few years I had become workaholic and lost in running behind illusions of career success. Finally I realised that I lost real happiness in pursuit of happiness, last year I returned back to my old hobby and read few of the classics like “Diary of young girl-Anne Frank”,”The fault in our Stars -John Green”, “A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens”, “The boy in striped pyjamas-John Boyne” etc.

Book Reading

There are countless such moments like getting up early on Monday morning and sitting before the laptop at 7:30 AM just to watch the “Game of thrones” season seven episodes as soon as they are aired in India. Watching some of best movies like “Shawshank Redemption”, “Last Vegas”, “The Bucket-list”, “The book thief”, “Forrest Gump”,”127 hours” “Finding Nemo” and TV serials like “Sillicon Valley”, “This is US”, “Modern Family” etc

Finally I would like to conclude this article with a thought

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!!!!!