Beautiful words

Today while travelling back home with my colleagues we all discussed issues we are facing due to increasing cost of living, low salaries etc and as I reached home I was feeling very low😣

At this very moment while browsing on internet I came across this beautiful bunch words which totally changed my mood



Short story

While browsing on social networking sites I came across a below Short story with deep meaning sharing it here for all my readers



We are not where we want to be

Recently I had to make a big change in my life I had to move out of my comfort zone to take on a new experience which was a kind of rebirth to me. Below is a story I had read sometime back on facebook which served as an inspiration for me. So sharing it here for all my readers I hope it inspires you also …….

The Story of an EAGLE:

The Eagle has the longest life-span of its species. It can live upto 70 years.

But to reach this age, the eagle must make a very difficult decision!

In its 40th year, the eagle’s long and flexible Talons can no longer grab a prey which serves as food.

Its long and sharp beak becomes bent.
Its old-aged and heavy wings, due to their thick feathers, stick to its chest and make it difficult to fly.

Then, the eagle is left with only two options: DIE or go through a painful process of CHANGE!

This process lasts for 150 days (5 months)

The process requires the eagle to fly to a mountain top and sit on its nest. There the eagle knocks its beak against a rock until it plucks it out.

Then the eagle will wait for the new beak to grow back after which it will pluck out its talons. When its talons grow back, the eagle starts plucking its old aged feathers.

And after this the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and LIVES for 30 more years!!

Why is Change needed???

In order to survive and live. We too have to start the change process.

We sometimes need to get rid of the unpleasant old memories, negative habits and our fixed mind set.

Only Freed from the past burdens can we take advantage of the present.

If an eagle can make a life saving and life changing decision at the age of 40….why can’t we?

In order to take on a New Journey ahead, let go of your negative old limiting beliefs.

Open up your mind and let yourself fly high like an eagle!

When it rains, all birds occupy shelter. But the EAGLE avoids the rain by flying above the clouds….

The problem is common to all but the attitude to solve it makes the difference!

Don’t be afraid of change…accept it gracefully..!!!


Today on the Valentine day as I am starting writing my blog what could be a better topic to start my first article than Love. When we think of valentine day all our thoughts come around one single thing that first and foremost thing you need to experience love is a partner, a dream partner, soulmate, a prince charming who will love you unconditionally with whom you can share all your thoughts who will always be there for you no matter what, with whom you can spend hours talking, long walks, candle light dinners, roses, chocolates, pastries and all things which make life beautiful.

No wonder all these things make life beautiful and everyone wants them at some point of time. Then what about the single people out there do they have to spend their days lonely wishing they could find their partner like all others?

Is it always necessary to have a partner? Certainly not according to me, love does not require a partner, you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else or to be able to attract someone else in your life. You have to build your self esteem, self confidence and go after your dreams and see how beautiful life seems to be to you.

So all my single friends don’t spend todays day feeling lonely and sad what if there is no one else to buy gifts,flowers and chocolates for you buy them yourself, listen to your favourite music, have dinner at your favourite restaurant, go for a long drive or a walk to your favourite place, plan a trip out of town do anything and everything that makes you happy.

Like I started with my new hobby of writing a blog my first experiment in doing something creative normally I am complete technical person. .

I would like to here your thoughts, suggestions comments from all of you on above.