Right Time

Valentine’s day has passed just yesterday,love is in the air. Even when you browse on social networking sites like Facebook you find photos of your friends with their partners celebrating this day of love together.

This makes all single people out their feel even more lonely and they too wish that by next Valentine they also have someone to celebrate. Is Valentine’s day only for couples? Is it bad to be single passed the marriageable age?

Myself being single past 30 I do understand how it feels when people keep on questioning you about your marriage plans? When you see all your friends getting married? How lonely it feels on Valentine’s day and so on😕😕

Are these or any other reasons sufficient to get married as soon as possible. According to me a big ” No” 

For getting married you need to find a right partner who understands you, loves you and will always support you and only when you find such a person then is right time to get married. Till then love yourself, live life to full and be happily single.

Few months back I had seen an advertisement on TV which expresses similar thoughts sharing it below for all my readers




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